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di Castelvecchio

In the dense wood on the outskirts of San Gimignano, in a timeless position, stands the Tenuta di Castelvecchio, behind the natural reserve with the same name, where you can admire the ruins of what was once a prosperous medieval town. The village, already inhabited in Etruscan times, reveals all the wild and mysterious charm that characterizes the entire reserve. Our estate will allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of the place, intensely and absolutely unique, without giving up the most modern comforts, very close to the major centers of artistic and cultural interest of Tuscany, and therefore, of the world.

Let the peace of nature enter you as the sun's rays penetrate the trees. Let the winds blow their freshness inside you ...
Salvatore Leanza


Tenuta di Castelvecchio and all its staff are available to satisfy all our customers’ requests

  • Wifi
  • Parking area
  • Pool
  • TV
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Mini-bar
  • Kettle with herbal tea
On Request
  • Horse trekking
  • Scheduled excursions
  • Hunting paths
  • Wine and Oil Tastings
  • Location for Events


Tenuta di Castelvecchio
53100 Siena SI, Italy

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